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Related article: Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2009 18:47:46 -0700 From: Subject: after swimming - my first timeThis did happen to me and i can remember as though it was yesterday. Back in the early 1960's when on summer vaction, i loved to go to a public pool in town. At that time i had a friend named Billy who was in my school class. Both of us where about the same age. I was tall for my age and had black hair while Billy had blonde hair and was a little Preteen Panty Models shorter. I had been sexually very curious and wondered what he looked like without his clothes on. That afternoon was hot and humid, so we rode our bikes from his house a couple of miles into town. Then we paid our way in and headed to the lockeroom. We were hot and sweaty and those clothes came off quickly. But as we got naked i found myself taking clances at Billy. Both of us where lean and slim. I was cut and just starting to grow some hair above my dick. Billy's dick was different than mine. I was really curious why. This Preteen Panty Models was the first time i noticed that someones dick was different than mine. His dick was uncut and smaller then mine. Billys cock and balls were hairless. We pulled on our swim suits and spent most of the hot afternoon in the water and just laying in the sun on our towels. As we talked thru the day somehow he told me his parents and older brother by a couple of years would not be back till about 9 in the evening. Really, is what i thought ? It was getting to be late in the afternoon and we were both ready to head back into the lockeroom. We ran in and decided to jump into the showers. I have always been somewhat of an exhibitionist even at that age. I pulled down my swim suit and was watching Billy remove his. I watched as he pulled down his trucks over his smooth legs and let them on the floor at his feet. Billy walked off to the showers and as he did i was looking at how white and firm his butt was. Both of us got under the shower heads and soaped up a good lather. We where alone in there and could just be kids as we where. The shower stalls had thick glass walls to separate each shower unit with 2 heads. So i was rather the daring one to take the lead. With all that lather in my hands i began to play with my dick. Billys eyes were looking at me and i did not care how he reacted. To my surprise, he followed my lead. This was fun. So i walked over to the glass wall and started to rub my hard dick back and forth across its smooth surface. Billy came over close by me and took his hard little dick and rubbed back and forth on that glass surface. We did this for 10 or 15 minutes and got out, dressed and got on our bikes and headed for his house. When we got back to his house we where hot again from the long bike ride back. We went into the kitchen and got some soda. Billy had something to show me up in his room. Up the stairs we ran to Billys room. He pulled out some magazines that was full of naked women. We both got up on his bed and started to look at all these women. After about ten minutes Billy said he was hot and headed off into the bathroom. The shower started up and stopped rather quickly. Out of the bathroom walked Billy with a big white towel wrapped around his slim little waist and a lump in the middle of it. Ok it was now my turn. Off the bed i hopped and into the bathroom. I took off my clothes, jumped into the shower and back out. Got a towel and wrapped it around my waist and walked back out. I was excited. My dick was semi - hard and did not have a care in the world. Billy was up on his bed still with the towel around his sexy hips, looking at all the nude women in his magazines. So i jumped up on his bed to with him. As we looked at these women, i looked over at him and his towel was a little open but still covered his sexy little un - cut dick. I was very curious and again took the lead. I opened my towel fully so i was exposed to him. He looked over at me and and threw back his towel. His dick was open to my view. Now at this point in my life i never played or touched anyone. I did not know what '' handjob. blowjob or jerkingoff '' was. So here i am willing and able. Billy reached over and grabbed my dick and began to slowly move it up and down. That felt great!!! As he was going up and down i began to feel warm and flushed. I asked where did he learn to do this ? He told me he did this with his older brother all the time. I put my back on the wall and opened my legs and let him play with me. He used no lub, but it felt wonderful. I told him how great it felt. He picked up speed and i started to feel really alot hotter. It seemed to me that time suddenly stopped and he jerked my dick forever. All of a sudden i was feeling something like never before. Billy watched my face as it was twisted with erotic joy. Suddenly, i felt my dick was a volcano and and something was traveling up it i never expercienced. Out from my piss slit shot high into the air this creamy white fluid and it never seemed to stop. My cum was all over Billys hand. Finally it stopped and when it did my whole stomach was a big pool of my cum. Billy and i did play around for about a year. When we would have sleep overs we always slept naked and try as i could, Billy could not cum, yet. We found other friends and drifted apart. At this site i have read many peoples stories and i liked almost all of them. I hope i may contribute another true experience if anyone is interested. Thank You, Mr. X
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